add "Expat" page in "enbudapestem" app and website


1.Help Expats who live and work in Budapest feel more integrated, informed, transparent and open. 2.Create a channel and make it known among expats. 3.leverage existing "Enbudapestem" app and websites, "by the locals, for the locals and expats". To do: 1. for Enbudapestem mobile application: a.translate some of the "Enbudapestem" articles in English and post it in new "Expat" page, for those events not required much local languages while expats could also attend, eg: concert, dance, hike, new museums, etc. 2. for Enbudapestem website: a.mark extra "expat friendly" icon in front of article titles, inform this information is "nice to know", no need to spent time for English translation, expats can use google translate by themselves.

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I have lived and worked more than 4.5 years in Budapest as an expat, I feel struggled to get local information. I followed I love Budapest and other program guides in facebook to get outsider and insider tips, but I want to experience more local lifestyle as Budapester. Among all the resources, two books published by locals inspired me a lot: Budapest: Birth of a Metropolis and Budapest Bejaro, which really show By the Locals and For the Locals. As expats, its also a great way to connect this interesting city - Read like the Locals. Its not a totally start from zero project, its just one extra mile. There are already very useful news and tips in Enbudapestem, both app and website. It will be very beneficial to reuse these information on time and spread among expats. Expats are different from tourists, they should get more deeper resource and integrate in local community as much as possible.

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Alice Chen, 2023.11.30.

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